HQ: Indianapolis, IN

The Premier Group specializes in purchasing independent funeral homes and providing them with business management services and resources that help relieve the many organizational burdens of small business ownership. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, the firm presently has fourteen locations. SOLD/Exit 2019

HQ: Nashville, TN

Onsomble is a Nashville based professional consulting and technology firm that specializes in providing assessment, reporting and development role competency analytics and services to organizations through evidenced-based management theories and skill acquisition models.

HQ: New York, NY

SOLD / Exit – November 30, 2018

HQ: Beverly Hills, California

NMS Capital Realty Advisors is a real estate investment and advisory firm providing direct and indirect financing solutions for construction, senior secured, and mezzanine loans to borrowers and advisory solutions related to recapitalization and restructuring needs across the hospitality, multi-family, office, retail and commercial property sectors throughout the United States.

ViRvii is a technology firm that was founded to serve at the crossroads of art, music and virtual reality enabling users and content providers to customize and share their own virtual reality experiences in either a private or public setting.

HQ: Brawley, CA
Alger Alternative Energy, LLC

Alger Alternative Energy was formed to acquire all of the assets and intellectual property of Symbol Materials. Today, the company stands among the world’s leading sustainable materials technology companies with the goal of producing the world’s highest performing lithium, manganese and zinc materials for electric vehicles, energy storage, agriculture and other critical industry applications.

HQ: Irvine, CA
Exit 2020

Cerebain Biotech Corp., a biomedical company, focuses on the discovery of products for the treatment of Alzheimers disease. Its products would include medical device solutions, as well as synthetic drug solutions.

HQ: Beverly Hills & London, UK

Walden International Group specializes in providing bespoke securitization, surety, structured indemnities and corporate guarantees related structured finance, credit risk and reinsurance structures on a global platform.

HQ: Las Vegas, NV

Centaurus has been established to fully commercialize its proprietary, cost-efficient and high-volume diamond production method to provide industrial quality diamonds. The Company’s patented technology enables the production of “cultured” diamonds that are chemically, atomically and structurally identical to natural diamonds.

HQ: Lawrence, CO

Phoenix Life Sciences is a disruptive healthcare solutions company using natural plant materials and compounds.

HQ: Jersey, Channel Islands (United Kingdom)

HCL is a private equity firm headquartered in Jersey with an investment mandate to deploy capital towards both credit and equity investments to firms based in the European Union with an industry focus of aviation, transportation, TMT, green tech and digital enterprise.

HQ: Irvine, CA

Yummi is a technology company with a proprietary AI and blockchain technology to creating a next generation food platform that aims to revolutionize the way we document and access food information, both personal and shared experiences based on our “foodprints.” Users earn coins by logging food photos, have full control of their content, and are able to monetize while contributing to the community.

HQ: Thousand Oaks, CA

Searchable.com is a provider of mobile commerce and direct messaging platforms allowing mobile consumers to reach several businesses at one time in any area they choose. Users can directly communicate and complete sales on any product or any service in real time. Their patented technology enables mobile commerce and social networking in a direct platform to bring businesses and mobile shoppers directly together, without any middlemen or third party aggregators.

HQ: Los Angeles, CA

Building on a legacy of more than 100 years in the construction and engineering sector, Saliba Group is a professional services firm providing Program, Construction and Project Management services in the functional disciplines necessary for project success. Saliba group provides premier management, technical and advisory services to design, develop, manage and operate projects on a global scale.

HQ: Burlington, MA

Bone Biologics is focused on developing and marketing orthobiologic products. Our proprietary platform technology is NELL-1, a recombinant human protein growth factor that is essential for normal bone development. Our lead product is a NELL-1 based bone graft substitute for spine fusion, targeting the rapidly growing orthobiologics market. Our goal is to offer patients superior safety with uncompromising efficacy relative to existing technologies. NELL-1 provides specific targeted regulation over bone regeneration in the presence of targeted osteogenic cells, as both demonstrated in the lab and through the use of animal testing, unlike any other current therapy. It has been shown not to form bone when applied to non-osteogenic cells such as myoblasts (a type of embryonic progenitor cell that differentiates to give rise to muscle cells) nor does it induce adipogenesis (the formation of fat that can occur within the bone matrix often exhibited as cysts) that results in weaker bone.

HQ: Beverly Hills, California

NMS Consulting is a global management consulting firm specializing in management consulting, corporate advisory and strategic communications. The firm provides services to both public and private organizations and the individuals who lead them through a global team of more than 100 professionals.